Fur Night & Day
Pet Boarding and Daycare

About Us!

Fur Night and Day is a daycare and boarding facility for both cats and dogs. It is our main priority to provide the highest quality care at a reasonable price for all dog and cat owners in the Norman, Oklahoma area.



We offer socialization of pets in a safe and exhilarating environment and a place where all pet parents will feel comfortable leaving their pets when they are not able to be with them. 

Have a dog that has tons of energy, and loves to play with other dogs? Or does your dog suffer from separation anxiety or just need something to do while you are away from home? 
Fur Night and Day's daycare program is just what your pet needs! Bring your dog for their first day of daycare for Free! 

-Our facility has 11 different indoor/outdoor play areas for your dog to socialize with other dogs of a similar size and temperament. 
-From the smallest dogs to the largest dogs, we have a play area just for them 
-We have rubber flooring indoors to help provide a cushion support during play. 
-Our outdoor areas are covered in artificial turf providing a clean, familiar surface to play on and do their 'business'. 
-Toys are welcome in the play areas for your dog's entertainment. Only "Fur Night and Day" toys will be allowed in play areas. 
-Plenty of love and attention is given from our staff throughout the day 
-Naps are given during the middle of the day. Parents may send a sack lunch or treats to be given at this time. 
-Daycare is available every day between 7 AM and 7PM. Both half and full days are available as well as packages for those wishing to purchase several days in advance. 
-For overnight stays dog will have their own 5ft by 5ft suite(or larger), with access to daycare play groups during the day and breaks for meals and naps three times each day.

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Give us a call: (405) 579-1244                                                                                  OPEN 7AM-7PM EVERY DAY!

Grooming by Kate: (405)317-6604 (Call or Text)

Email: FurNightandDay@FurNightandDay.com

Please make reservations by a phone call. Reservations by email cannot be guaranteed. Plus, we fill up fast and a phone call just might get you in! Feel free to email us at any time, but know that phone calls are your best bet in getting a quick response. Please allow 24-48 hours for email response. If you do not hear from us within that time frame please give us a call instead. Sometimes emails don't always get through. 

We thank you for your business and look forward to hearing from you soon!