Fur Night and Day's Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

 My pet has not been to your facility before, how do I get them enrolled to start using your services?

            We just need an application filled out, which can be found on the 'Services' page of our website or on our front desk. We will also need a copy of your pet’s vaccinations that shows current Rabies, Distemper, and Bordatella vaccinations for dogs and Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations for cats. All dogs must be spayed or neutered at age six months.  You may tour our facility any day of the week between 7AM and 7PM. We offer a free day of dog daycare before a boarding stay if you have to opportunity to bring them in before their stay! Sorry, no free days of daycare for cats since they do not need evaluation of their social behavior with other cats.

 Is your facility heated/cooled?

            Yes, we have heaters and an air conditioner. Please understand that it may not be as warm or cold as you may want it to be on those really cold days or really hot days. We do keep our play yard doors open for the dogs to be able to go in and out as they please. We do our very best to keep the building at a comfortable temperature for the dogs at all times. The cat room is also heated and cooled.

 Does someone stay at your facility during the night?

            No, we are closed from 7PM to 7AM and leave the building during that time. The dogs play all during the day and are usually very tired when bed time arrives. All boarding dogs are put into their own individual suites (unless they are a multi-dog family) for the night. Yes, there may be some potty accidents over night, but for the most part everybody does very well holding it. The cats are put in their own condos for the night and have all the necessities to make it through the night perfectly happy.

 Does Fur Night and Day have webcams?

            Yes, there is a camera in each indoor dog play area and one in the cat room. These cameras may be viewed on your computer or phone through our website Furnightandday.com. The drop down menu for the cameras is located on the top left corner of the main page. For viewing cameras on your phone select the 'View webcams from mobile phone' link. If you have difficulty viewing our webcams the most common problem is a pop up blocker not allowing the window to open. If you are still unable to view the cameras feel free to contact us and we can try and help you out or let you know if the cameras are down.

 Do I need to bring my dog/cats food?

            We recommend that you bring your pet's own food if they are on a special diet or if they have trouble switching foods. It is always best to keep your dog or cat on their own food if possible, however, we do supply food (Canidae- All Life Stages/Canidae-Cat and Kitten) at no extra cost. So, if you forget your pet's food, run out of their food during their visit, or just don't want to bring it, we have you covered.

My dog/cat is on medicine, can you give this to them during their stay?

            Yes, we can give medication during the day as needed, once, twice, three times a day, even if your dog or cat needs medication every 12 hours we can do that.  Please understand that we are not here during the night so if your pet needs to be given medication during the night or needs monitored, this is not the place for them to stay. We can give pills, clean ears, give eye drops, spray medication, etc. If your pet needs injections, we will unfortunately not be able to give them their injections or board them at this time. We are looking into a solution for the future. If your pet has a condition that is contagious, they are not permitted to stay at Fur Night and Day.

How does Fur Night and Day handle severe weather?

            During severe weather seasons we are always on alert monitoring any potential threats to our facility.

During thunderstorms we generally continue play as normal, but will close access to the outside play yards if there is extremely strong rain or if there is hail.

During a tornado warning all play yards are closed and all dogs are brought into suites that are made of cinder block and located in the center of the building. Cats are put in their carriers and taken ‘down’ to the lower part of our building (which is the dog area) and kept with the staff in one of our ‘offices’ or kitchen.


Dog Related Questions:

 What vaccinations does my dog need?

            We require Rabies, Distemper, and bordatella (kennel cough) vaccinations. **We are now requiring that your dog be current with the Canine Flu Vaccine.** It is important that you, as the pet parent, keep up on your dog's vaccinations to keep both your pet and your pet's friends healthy. We do our best to remind parents of the expiring of vaccinations, but it is ultimately the pet parent’s responsibility to get them done. Dogs MUST BE CURRENT on vaccines to attend our facility.

Your dog also needs to be parasite free, internal (worms) and external (fleas and ticks). Please be sure your dog is on preventative medications for these parasites, for example a monthly heart-worm pill and flea and tick medications such as Frontline, K9 Advantix, Sentry, etc.

Why does my puppy have to be 4 months before they come to visit?

            Puppies are more susceptible to catching a virus that an older dog because they have not been able to build up their immune systems yet. At 4 months old, puppies have generally had most of their puppy vaccinations and their immune system is a little better at handling infections.

What do I need to bring for my dogs stay?

            You may bring anything you think your dog will need/want to make them more comfortable during their stay. This includes their food, bedding, blankets, toys, treats, and anything else you can think of. While we do supply food (Canidae) at no extra charge, we HIGHLY recommend that you bring your dog’s food. Switching foods as well as a complete change of environment can cause even more upset tummies. Please bring their own food especially if they are on a 'special' diet. There is no need to bring bowls; we provide those, unless they refuse to eat out of metal dishes.

I have more than one dog, may they stay together?

            Yes, we prefer that same family dogs stay together as long as they are okay to stay together. We can feed them separately if needed due to food aggression or if they are on different foods. If there are any issues with same family dogs staying together during the night, please let us know when you book their stay so we can get them separate suites. If they begin to have trouble while they are here, we will separate them as needed.

My dog is not spayed/neutered will you still take them?

            No.  We require all dogs to be spayed or neutered by six months of age.

My dog is people aggressive, will you still take them?

            No, our facility is not designed to adequately handle or take care of dogs that do not do well with people.

My dog does not do well with other dogs, will you still take them?

            We do take a limited number of non-social dogs. However, if your dog is highly aggressive around other dogs and there is any chance that they will seek out other dogs, this is not the place for you to board them. Un-social dogs will be rotated through our play yards by themselves during the day. Please understand that during busy times, they will not get as much play yard time as everyone else. Again, while we will take some un-social dogs, we are a facility designed to cater to social dogs that play all day with other dogs.

I'm not sure how my dog will do with others, can they still come?

            We offer a free day of daycare before a boarding stay just for this reason! We highly recommend that you bring your dog for the free day before they need to stay with us so we can meet them and introduce them to others prior to a stay in order to let you know whether or not they will be able to participate in group play. It also gives the dog a chance to get to know the environment prior to an extended stay. They get to have fun, meet some new friends and they know they will be picked up!

Why use doggy daycare?

            If your dog has been known to tear up your house, get into the trash, or eat items they shouldn’t while you are away then daycare may be worth looking in to. Daycare is a great way to help channel your dog’s excessive energy in a fun and positive way. It is also a great way to help socialize your dog with other dogs and people. Or maybe you just can’t spend as much time playing with your dog due to your work schedule. Daycare gets them out of the house and gives them a chance to get spoiled all day!

How do dog daycare packages work?

            We have several packages for our regular daycare dogs. Packages start at 5 days, full or half. Package days never expire and you may use them whenever you want, they do not have to be consecutive days. Just purchase a package in the beginning, save some money and time each visit you make!

How early do I need to book my dogs boarding stay?

            Depending on when your dog needs stay will determine how early you should make their reservations. The earlier you book your dog’s stay the better chance they will always have a spot. In general, we usually have room for your dog and you will have no problem booking the day before or the day of their stay if you have to.  Holiday stays need to be booked early to ensure a spot as well as weekends, especially during the summer when there are a lot of vacations planned. Be sure to keep in mind that football season is also a busy time for boarding, especially the OU/Texas game. Graduations, three day weekends, Spring break, OU events, and many other school holidays can be busy boarding times.  Best rule of thumb, book as soon as you know you need a spot, you can always cancel. (Please remember to cancel your reservations as early as possible so your dog's spot may be given to someone else. **Beginning in 2024 we will be charging a one night stay deposit for holidays, cancelling on time will be important)

I can't find my dog on the web cam, where are they?

            It may be meal or nap time. We put boarding dogs up three times during the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It may be one of these times. They could also be outside or taking a break on the edges of the play yard outside of camera view. They may also be in a different yard, we sometimes switch things up during your dog's stay, so they may be in different yards from day to day or even during the same day to ensure the best combination of friends. Another reason could be that your dog played so much that they needed a break to cool off. Also, sometimes unfortunately a time out is in order for one reason or another, mounting, playing too rough, got into a scuffle, etc.

My dog had an upset stomach, i.e. diarrhea, when I picked them up. Is this normal?

            Some dogs do not handle a change in environment very well and can have an upset stomach just because they are extra nervous. Or if your dog switches foods when they come to stay with us it could cause an upset stomach. Or it could be a stomach bug picked up from another dog during their visit. Please understand that we do our best to prevent transmission of illness, but there will always be a case of someone getting something, just like human kids. We will do our best to inform you of any major stomach issues that we see during your dog’s stay.

My dog had their bordatella (kennel cough) vaccine and they still got kennel cough, how can this be?

            Unfortunately kennel cough (an upper respiratory infection) is a tricky virus that is easy to catch and can spread rapidly, but luckily it is easy to treat (antibiotics and cough drops for about 10 days). It can be compared to the flu and flu shots in humans. Just like with the flu shot, sometimes it works other times it doesn't. There are different strains of kennel cough, just like the flu. You can vaccinate against one but if the virus mutates your dog can still catch it, so unfortunately your dog can get the bordatella vaccine and still get kennel cough. There is even a slight risk of having the symptoms from getting the vaccine in the first place. Please understand that we clean as much and as often as we can to help prevent the spread of a virus such as kennel cough, but it isn't always how clean the kennel is. Dogs may be carriers of the virus with no signs of having it and unfortunately infect another dog without anyone knowing. While this is not a virus that you should be scared of, it is something that you should know about and understand. It can be picked up anywhere, dog parks, dogs walking by your home fence, you taking your dog for a walk, etc., not just kennels. Please be sure your dog is current on this vaccine if you take them out-and-about, prevention is best thing you can do for your dog.

What do you do if my dog becomes injured at your facility?

            If your dog gets a minor scratch, scrape or puncture we will clean the area and dress the wound. You will be notified of the minor injury upon pick up. However, if the injury is slightly more severe we will clean the area, dress the wound and call you or your emergency contact to discuss the wound and decide if a visit to the vet is required. In the case of a severe injury your dog will be taken to the vet immediately and you will be notified as soon as possible. We prefer to take pets to their own vet when possible but will take them to a different vet or emergency vet depending on the location of their vet, the situation, the day and the time of the incident. *We do charge a mileage fee for transporting pets to the vet. This goes straight to the staff member transporting and caring for your pet.

My dog came home injured, why do they have scratches, raw paw pads, are limping, etc.? And what does Fur Night and Day do about these injuries?

            When dogs play they play with their teeth and their claws, they will get scratches and other minor injuries. They bounce around and jump all over each other chewing on each other and can injure one another without even knowing. Please understand that injuries will and do happen. By bringing your dog to a facility like ours that allows group play, you are taking that risk that they could become injured. In most cases the injuries that occur are not from others being aggressive, they are accidental and usually relatively minor. We do our best to prevent these injuries, but sometimes they just happen. When injuries do occur we follow the procedure listed in the paragraph above. As stated in your pets application, Fur Night and Day does not pay for veterinary services resulting from any of these injuries.



Cat Related Questions:

 What vaccinations does my cat need?

            We require Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. It is important that you, as the pet parent, keep up on your cat’s vaccinations to keep both your cat healthy as well as the other cats that will be sharing the kitty room.

Your cat also needs to be parasite free, internal (worms) and external (fleas and ticks.) We thank you for checking your cat for parasites prior to their visit and keeping them on a preventative medication for these parasites.

I have more than one cat, may they stay together?

            Yes, your cats may stay together in a condo. Some family cats do great sharing a room together and some do better with their own room overnight and play time with their family member during the day out in our kitty room. Please let us know what you think is best for them and we will make it happen!

How early do I need to book my cats stay?

            We generally do not have a lot of cats boarding with us at any given time, so you can pretty much book whenever. However; booking early for any holiday is highly recommended.


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