Fur Night and Day, LLC                  

Limited spots available each day for general staff to do basic baths and nail trims if Kate is unavailable. 

Baths: $20             Nail Trims: $15

*Current Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella vaccines are required as well as an Application for Care and Grooming Waiver prior to your dog's appointment.

Full Service Grooming by Kate

Whether you are looking for a bath, a nail trim, a deshed or a full shave down for your dog, Kate has you covered! 

Grooming Reservations are made through our Groomer, Kate. You can reach her with any questions, for a quote or to make a reservation by texting or calling 405-317-6604

Pricing is by the size of the dog and hair type/length

Appointments available any day of the week

Grooming #:
(405) 317-6604